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Surreal Saturday

I’ve been in bed, in my best writer swoon, trying to shake some malaise that’s been clinging for the past week.  The downtime has given me a chance to read the fanfic of writers showcased during FanstRAvaganza.  The talent and creativity has both amazed and given me food for thought as writer.

Appropriate for Surreal Saturday, I just spent a surreal hour grooming my pom Patty.  She not only flopped on her back and allowed me to brush hardened bit of rubbish out of her tail, but remained calm while I used scissors and a brush to cut out matted fur and lightly groom.  Anybody having dealt with this traumatized high-strung pooch would appreciate how shocking a development this is.  She’s friendly sweet girl but hates for her tail and butt to be touched. Yet, there she lie grinning like it was just an unusual petting session.  Then she climbed into my lap and dozed.  Incredible.

Anyway, just realized I haven’t posted video *really* surreal and that this one might fit the bill. There’s nothing deep here, just 9 minutes 38 seconds of WTF.   If the internet were made into a music video, would this be it?  I hate to say it, but yes, yes it is – but they left out the hamster dance.   Seriously NSFW.

Oh, and if you “get” many of the mash-ups, yeah, you’re old.

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I’ve been watching you, milord. I’ve seen you galloping through the fields on that charger, your powerful thighs clenching its sweaty sides. You and your animal seem as one. You sit a fine horse, so tall in the saddle, so proud, arrogant and…masterful. See, he snorts and prances and flicks his black mane, just like you. Tell me, is he called Sir Guy too?

Do I amuse you? I’m glad, I aim to entertain.


I like the way you dismount and stretch out the knots, muscles ripping under that tight black leather.

 Just like that. 

My, you are tall.

I like tall men. And broad shoulders. And slim hips. I think I like black leather now. It looks quite… supple on you.



 No, we don’t know each other milord.

But I know you.

I know what you do for the Sheriff and I’ve seen you prowling the castle at night like a big sleek black panther, lurking in the shadows, always watchful. It’s dark but I know it’s you. The torchlight dances along the smooth brow, across those sharp cheekbones and down that regal nose to those lips, rather like a bow, aren’t they?

 And when you lean into the light, I can see your eyes. Do you know they change color? It’s curious, they’ve the shape of almonds but are the shade of anything from a crystal clear pond to a summer’s day to – well like now – a deep stormy blue.

Yes, the color of …passion.

I hope I’ve not offended by likening you to animals. But you see, I notice that animals like stallions and panthers have very majestic qualities akin to people.  They preen and dominate and command.   And you are quite a magnificent animal.

 Do you think me forward? Well, I’ve a confession. Lean closer, yes that’s it.

I. Have. No. Shame.

Oh yes, I peeped in your window one night in the village. I watched you half bare in the firelight while your manservant tried to mold cold hard metal to the peaks and dips and angles of your lean hard body. I suspect the smithy doesn’t understand the elegance of your form. Perhaps I could be of assistance?  Ah, I knew I could.


I’ve another confession. I dreamed about you in your bedchamber, oh yes. I wasn’t in it – yet. You lie bare-chested and asleep with your hair fanned around the pillow, and you were dreaming. Such a dream, thrashing and moaning – oh, you seem startled milord. Does that strike a chord with you? Oh really?  You should tell me about it so we may compare.

It’s okay, whisper in my ear.

Tell me.


[Caveat- the video creator (our own Avalon) stated Isabel represents any woman and not Guy’s sister.   Also the devil made me do this post.]

Be sure to stop by the other partipating blogs. CDoart’s handy index is here.

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Surreal Saturday

[Yikes.  The month is only four days old and I’m already running behind.  Feeling under the weather while keeping an eye on Patty who was in and out of the hospital twice last week with her usual gut problems.  She’s pawing for skritchies right now so that’s good.]

The King’s Speech won the Oscar for Best Picture and Colin Firth, Best Actor.  If you’ve been following my blog, you might have guessed I am pleased the film received the acclaim it deserved.

The king’s Rocky-esque training has lead to numerous parodies.  This was broadcast on Jimmy Kimmel Live and is the funniest I’ve seen.  For those of you outside the U.S., neither ex-President Bush nor former World Heavyweight Boxing champion Mike Tyson have speech impediments, and are not known for their eloquence or brainpower.

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Serene Sunday

When I was 12 years old, I went to my first musical, Jesus Christ Superstar.  My parents were non-practicing Catholics and blandly irreligious by the time I was born.  I had a general grasp of the New Testament but don’t recall any particular expectations of the outing except that it was a new and exciting experience.  My  parents later said they wondered how the crucifiction would be depicted without it being a total downer.  I quickly realized watching a live performance eclipsed listening to any recording.  It was invigorating and captivating and I found myself completed immersed.  Had I a shred of singing, dancing or instrumental talent, I might have toyed with the idea of going into the theater.

I loved the songs including the theme showstopper.  However the last instrumental at the end of the show did it for me, John 19:41.  Although it had swelling strings and flutes, there was a certain simplicity that was both beautiful and uplifting.  Afterwards, my parents bought for me the cast album which I still have.

There have been many versions of this instrumental over the years, but I think the original 1970 version is the best.  I found some YouTube videos with either distracting graphics or poor sound and had to settle for an excerpt from the 1973 film.  (I’m not a fan of the film.  For me, it failed somehow to translate the energy of the musical.)   So, turn up the volume, close your eyes, and just absorb the music.

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Surreal Saturday

Dipping back into my old bag for this video.  It’s a cleaner parody of F*ck You by Cee Lo Green, a controversial but catchy tune.  I was thinking about the few unpleasant commenters on certain blogs and thought this a great response. 

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Surreal Saturday

I’ve been dealing with some issues in the past few days, the biggest being complete dismay over the emotional relapse of my pom, Patty.  I rescued her from the humane society over two years ago, not knowing she had been possibly abused and traumatized.  I never knew exactly what would trigger her fearful issues, but learned to avoid the obvious ones.  She changed from a snarly, growly, nervous, ball of nerves to a still sensitive but happy dog.

The blizzard, with its violent winds, set her back, big time.  She cowered in the bathroom and under the bed and kept it up after the storm was over. She jumped out of her skin at the slighted noise, quivered, bolted and basically acted as if she were in a prolonged panic attack.  She refused to eat but I could nab her for walkies the day after.  On Thursday it was worse, taking me 1/2 hour of coaxing and trickery to leash her.  It seemed as if she didn’t know me.

So instead of spending too much time directing my Muse (who has temperamentally flounced off), I’ve been showering Patty with TLC, constantly petting, hugging and talking to her while keeping escape routes closed off.  The attention has been paying off.  She’s started eating and stopped bolting.  She’s now attached to me like velcro, which is preferable to the way she was.  Hopefully, she will be 100% soon.  Oh, just saw her energetically loving  Dolly (a stuffed meerkat) for the first time in days.

Patty the pom in calmer days.


Speaking of doggy tribulations, here’s video of a more laid back pooch.

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Mother Nature, Part 2

The howling gale stopped along with the snow sometime before dawn.  In the light, it didn’t so bad all things considered.  I catnapped but was awakened by –more wind, accompanied by more snow. Mother Nature apparently wants to present this drama in several acts with short interludes.  I bundled up Patty (pink parka naturally), who refused to pee one drop in over 24 hours, and dragged out her out the door.  Could almost hear her “AHHHH!”  I walked her about to see the sights (read: dragged her around some more).  This dog, whose heritage is snow sledding, is just not that into it.  Because of the gale, the snow didn’t fall straight down and there were relatively bare-like areas.  But then there are the drifts, knee deep here, thigh deep there, or just impassible.  It’s very windy, but not disturbingly so compared yesterday.  After feeding the ravenous pooch who decided that under my bed was a good place to hide, I set forth to record all this on my iPhone.  Finding food was also an issue.

The eatery across the lane was open thank goodness.  However they had damaged seals in the floor to ceiling windows, so there was leaks.  I trekked down the middle of the street to the main thoroughfares and realized the snow was a lot deeper than it looked.  Things looked deserted except for those walking in the street.  I spotted three slow moving cars, total.  Two intrepid guys from Jimmy John’s, a deli franchise, tramped about, passing out free sandwiches; they declared they were OPEN for business and would deliver even for one.  I  instantly got a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Free lunch and possibly dinner later!   Did I know that Jewel and Dominick’s (major grocery chains) were closed across the city? I have never heard of such a thing.  How could we clean out the stores of break and milk?   Things must be truly bad.

My area wasn’t as hard it as those farther inland.  Still I wanted to record something for posterity. (I apologize for the videos.  It was my first time taping on the iPhone 4.  Apparently I should have held the thing lengthwise for landscape mode.  I was also breathless because my asthma has been playing up.

Here are pictures of what’s happening elsewhere.

According to the news, it is bad.  There are lines of abandoned cars in the middle of Lake Shore Drive and the city is frantically trying to plow that open and toll away the cars.  Drivers are still stranded at tollway oases.  Chunks of the city are without power and no clue when it will be restored.  There is no electricity to parts of the ‘el” and subway system.  Some of the bus routes are shut down.  The train system has shut down five lines and running Sunday schedules on others.  Even the MALLS are closed.

Over 20 inches of snow has fallen with more expected.  The current talk concerns what could open tomorrow, but that sounds in serious doubt, especially if it doesn’t stop snowing soon.  The mayor hasn’t said but news sources all agree we’re paralyzed.

Verdict: the Blizzard of “11 has nudged out ’99 and probably passed “79,  but probably won’t beat “67, unless the paralysis extends for days.  It’s not likely because the city has sworn to never let that happen again.

EDIT:  The sun peeking through and the sky is turning blue.  It’s OVER!  …Isn’t it?

EDIT: Well, Mother Nature decided to take the sun and blue sky elsewhere and give us the cold shoulder.  Fiiiiiine.  Be that way.

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Monday Monday

I intended to take a break yesterday and not write anything heavy but that’s not how it turned out.  So today will be judiang lite.  I work from home on Mondays but I know many are heading out to face traffic and begin the weekly grind.

So here are two of my favorite commercials from last year that I hope will put a smile on your face.

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Serene Sunday

I don’t believe in God.

Let me rephrase that: I don’t believe in the omnipotent arbitrary supreme being advocated by Western religion.  But I’m not atheist.  I can’t empirically prove there isn’t a God any more than I can prove there is one. I think there is a life force that exists in nature which we aren’t required to praise or appease, it just is.   I call myself agnostic because people are comfortable with the label and it’s least likely to provoke a negative reaction.  To put a fine point on it, I’m a secular humanist.  However I find people have trouble grasping the notion that morality doesn’t have to flow from religion.

It has been argued that religion is man’s defense mechanism in response to awareness of his own mortality.  This is a valid point. Yet I reject the stridency of militant atheists who declaim that believers are fools and religion is the opiate of the masses.  It is religious institutions and contrived rules devised by man, which distort the message and is the source of great harm, that I distrust.  That being said, there is a place for religion in the world.  People like to believe there is a point to their lives, that all that striving isn’t for nothing, that somebody cares and watching over them. Belief can be a source of comfort because it suggests a sense of order to this chaotic world.   Most of the great religions advocate love and compassion for fellow creatures, and if people can’t find that within themselves but need belief in a higher being to motivate them, then it’s still all good.  I support people believing what they want as long as they don’t feel entitled to force their beliefs on others.

This view took years of deep soul searching.  Oddly, the first Christmas after I stopped calling myself a Christian I was in a quandary: did this mean I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my beloved carols anymore?  How could I play my 24 versions of O Holy Night without feeling a hypocrite?   The word I received from a minister turned atheist was this: do you really need to believe the words to appreciate the song?  So I listened again.  I realized the musical arrangement was still haunting.  The voices were still beautiful.  The simplicity of the lyrics were still lovely even though I didn’t subscribe to the meaning. I hummed secular songs whose words meant nothing to me. It dawned that  I didn’t have to get mystic to find the carol beautiful or any other spiritual piece.  Religious music can not only be devotional, but also powerfully soothing and serene.

So on Sundays, I would like share some of my favorite religious songs as well as any others I come across.  Here is a prime example of how a song can still be compelling, even though the singer has a different religious background: Barbara Streisand singing Ave Maria, Bach/Gounod version.

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The weekend is here.  I conclude the first week of blogging and didn’t keel over.  Stream of consciousness jotting is easy but concise, precise, introspective prose does require care and time.  I realize how I’ve done so much of the former and so little of the latter. The wheel is still very rusty but I see some bits flaking off.  The weekend is a good time for a mental break, so I’m giving myself breathing space by allowing simple jotting on these days.  Don’t worry.  I’ve got a heavy post coming next week.

I’m drawn to the unusual no matter what medium. Garden variety simply doesn’t hold my interest; I need to have something to pull me in.  I really liked Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio. I adored the book and audio adaption of Vurt written by Jeff Noon. I’m a big fan of the British sci-fi show  Doctor Who because it’s fantastical. (However things do have to have some internal logic, so don’t start me ranting over S9 of Spooks.  Grrr.)

Jane Austen was talented and unusual woman for her time and her literature has endured through the centuries.  What best to kick off my first Silly Saturday but an off the wall mash-up of her work.

And because I know what you people come here for, here is a great video by Delicate Blossom:

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